After MI Branded Smart TV, now Redmi Branded Smart TV coming soon

The Chinese company Xiaomi is one of the top smartphones brand in india almost 29-30% of smartphones market share of this company in Q1 2020 in Indian market, after the success of smartphones  as well as Smart television market with Mi-branded now company is working on a Redmi-branded Smart Televisions named Redmi Smart TV X-series .

Redmi X Series (Representation only)

This will be one such smart TV from Redmi, which will have Motion Estimation Motion Compensation (MEMC) technology. MEMC is a frame interpolation Technology  that artificially adds additional frames between original frames, bringing the content with conventional 24 or 30 frames per second to around 60 frames per second. This MEMC technology is mostly used in premium smart television segments like Nokia Smart TV and others.

The company is promising that “ The Redmi X-series smart Television will give excellent performance in term of picture quality, sound system within  reasonable price.

The Redmi X-series smart TV will lunched officially may be on May 26 in China.

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