How to Save Battery on Android Smartphones?

The way we take care of our smartphones, in that way we should take care of the battery because it is an essential part of the smartphone. the busiest component of the smartphone is the Processor then Battey is the second busiest component in the smartphone. One additional importance to care battery is its explosive property which is the main disadvantage of battery, so the battery needs extra care.

There have lots of techniques to improve battery health, some of which have been discussed in the below segments.

Few Adjustments in Screen Settings

One of the main reasons for the quick draining of the smartphone battery is the high brightness screen setting. If you want a long time healthy battery life then always maintain the low brightness setting on your phone or set your smartphone in Auto-Brightness Mode. One more thing you can do, you need to reduce screen turn-off time.

Prevent From overheating/Keep your phone cool

Sometimes we will notice our smartphone feels hot, it may be during a call, playing a game & in other activities but don’t take it lightly, it could be dangerous the smartphone may explode. it directly affects battery health and drained quickly.

To avoid this, take out your mobile cover until the smartphone temperature comes down, clear all background running applications, delete heavy files and apps which is not in use and keep your smartphone aside for a few hours.

Don’t Over Charged

We have seen many times, that some people are charged their smartphones overnight and forget to plugged out after fully charging. The frequently charging in spite of 70 to 90% battery due to this habit, the battery performance effects badly and does not give proper power back-up

So you need to avoid frequent charging of your smartphones, when the battery comes to 10% then we recommended you charged fully to your smartphone.

Turn On Battery Saver Mode

Most smartphones come with an inbuilt battery saver mode feature, it is also known as Low Power Mode, Altra Power Mode, and Power Saving in various brands, this feature helps to save the power of the battery.

You need to turn on Power Saving Mode on your smartphone, it will surely give the benefit of battery health and long-time power backup.

Limit Internet Connectivity

We can’t imagine our life without the internet and why not? because everyone wants to go ahead in life but if we want to take care of the battery health of our smartphones so we need to limit internet use, it means if you are not using the internet then turn off mobile data for while. it will temporarily stop all apps running in the background.


Overall pay attention to battery health, The smartphones are still heating up in spite of all tips and solutions then you need to service/repair your smartphone as soon as possible, this is maybe because the battery got damaged.

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