Basic tips to improve Android Smartphone Performance

Smartphones are essential gadgets in our life without them we can not perform our daily routine work. in this busy schedule, sometimes we can’t pay attention to our smartphones, and the result to that the phone is going to work slowly and not perform as we expect. To avoid this, simply follow some easy tips to improve the performance of your android smartphones.

Update your Smartphone and Apps

Most importantly, keep your smartphone updated, Periodically, you must check android and app updates. Updates help to fix the bugs as well as update the latest software features and functions on your smartphone that boost the performance of your smartphone.

Free up Space if the smartphone runs out of storage

Many smartphone users do not pay attention to the internal storage (Phone storage) of their smartphone due to which phone’s storage runs out of space and starts working slowly. To avoid this, you have to keep freeing up the internal storage. keep deleting useless videos, images, audio, and large size of documents from internal storage or take backup to other external storage devices.

Uninstall all Unwanted Apps

We have downloaded some apps and stopped using those apps after some time so we need to uninstall such kinds of apps which is not in use. they use up the phone’s storage and keep functioning in the background.

Avoid Animated & Live Wallpapers

We know that it looks cool but live wallpapers and animated objects are continuously forced to CPU (Central Processing Unit) to work and need more CPU cycles to run, as a result, slowness, and apps crash on the smartphone. Always use simple and plain apps on your home screen.

Factory Reset

If our problem is not solved after doing all the above-mentioned tips then Factory Reset is the only option to resolve this issue but before this process, we must take a backup of all necessary documents because all your documents, downloaded apps, cookies, temporary files, etc will be deleted from your phone memory. The phone will be totally refreshed and Pre-installed apps remain on your phone.


At the end of this article, we have learned that we should take care of our smartphones, don’t use them recklessly, and keep our smartphones clean and updated.

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